Koukounaries - Skiathos

Golden Beach Hotel

The Golden Beach Hotel faithfully follows all the instructions of the National Agency for Public Health, in all the rooms and in all the public areas of the hotel including the swimming pool area.

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Enjoy Relaxing Holidays in Skiathos

The Greek islands are famous throughout the world for being one of the most beautiful and interesting holiday destinations in Europe. With the crystal blue waters of the Aegean and Ionian Seas, and the unique setting and landscape, the Greek Islands will provide you with memories and experiences you will always treasure.

Golden Beach Hotel - Skiathos

The North Sporades Islands are a small group of islands in the Aegean Sea, that are amongst the most beautiful and inspiring in all of Greece. The traditional and very green island of Skiathos is one of the most popular, with many visitors from all over the world heading there for their holidays throughout the year.

Over the years, more and more people have discovered the natural beauty and tranquil setting of Skiathos, and find themselves returning back year after year, to enjoy the magical landscape and setting, where they will enjoy truly unique holidays.

Situated on the southwest side of Skiathos is the delightful town of Koukounaries, a traditional town with immense charm and beauty that forms the perfect setting for your holidays in Skiathos.

It is from Koukounaries that we welcome you to the "Golden Beach Hotel" which we operate from April through to October, and offer you a wonderful selection of accommodation for your summer experience on the island of Skiathos that we so proudly call our home.

Golden Beach Hotel

An excellent selection of comfortable accommodation with a great range of facilities for guests

Koukounaries - Skiathos